Wednesday, March 16, 2011

$ Living Paycheck to Paycheck $


Yes! Finally! Living paycheck to paycheck is not the best avenue to take but when you love designer clothes, sexy hot heels, and amazing lamps fixtures. Its extremely easy to blow your paycheck on the material things. After a day of shopping above are some images I took. Everyone say CHA-CHING to cash money cause this mama just got PPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIDDDDDD!!!!!!!! word.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Madness Me

March. The middle month. Its spring forward. March Madness. Mardi Gras time. Its the start of Lent. March makes me realize things. March (so far) has been an action pack good time. This March I have already done so much. I got my hair did in a major way. I listened and danced around to Brooklyn's finest DJ's. I made a hot item new legging purchase. I admired the sunny blue skies. And I partied with some crazy white Upper East Siders. Oh UESiders!! March makes me realize my love for being outside and my transitional move to the Big Apple. Yes, on March 22nd - I will have officially graduated from the New York City Living University. I have lived in New York for 4 years!! Wow!! Just thinking about how I went from a New Orleans caterpillar to a NYC city girl butterfly, spreading my wings and learning the valuable lessons of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I graduated summa cum laude because my four year journey has taught me so much about myself - lessons college will never teach you. I am blessed to be living in this magnetic melting pot of places and I will continue my education by living my life for me.