Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random Boy Encounters + 1 80's Band

Finally. Spring is here. Now New Yorkers can stop hiding from under their coats and start walking around freely in spring/summer clothes!! My favorite type of clothing. With that being said, it's also a time where my random street encounters up the ante with the caveman convo. I mean just last night some dude stop me on my walk home to tell me I was, "boouteeful". WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THAT COMPLIMENT!?!! Especially, cause I was walking home after a gym sweat fest!! Thank you random black guy!! Enjoy the images of the few boys who tried to work their conversational powers on me this last weekend. Do you think any were successful?? A few snaps are of an 80's cover band. And the last one was taking in a bar across the street of my church. Amen.

Flowers and Sunshine May day all day every day.