Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Conservation of Audubon

Old people! Food! Lemonade!...No, I wasn't at my Maw-Maw's house. I was at the historic, marble Plaza Hotel. Oh what a treat to take pictures of women who had no idea why. The event was actually for a REALLY good cause. Conservation of our Earth is important for my children's children's children so I was happy to attend. Across the fountain I stumbled into a Sesame Street taping. Ahhhhhhhhh breath in, sigh. It brought me back to when I was three years old and didn't care about anything but Miss Piggy, Reading Rainbow and Mr. Roger's sweater and tennis shoes costume change. The good life.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


Attending the Patrick McMullen show at PowerHouse Arena was a happy hour event. The inspiration was on the walls for me. I did not want to disturb people looking and interpreting art. So, I have plenty of candid shots. I met a ballerina and an Scottish man on the run. It was a warm night - finally so everyone was smiling and excited about the 2009 DUMBO opening reception. With Swine flu and our economy in recession people will still come out to support the arts. Supporting artists and creativity might be the only thing that will get us out of this mess! 


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dana Maxx 2009

The host Janelle Snowden wearing Dana Maxx

Model, Jaslene Gozales giving me the hair twirl. 

The designer, Dana Maxx

So, Dana Maxx was the designer. Greenhouse was the place. For clothes and models all over the place. The clothes fit the models with grace. With colors that you can wear in any place! I got into a hissy cat fight with another photog wearing mom jeans. He didn't have a chance after I spoke with him!!! Seriously! After we respectfully talked it out like normal professionals - he was still in mom jeans and I was in pink skinny jeans. So, we know who won!!!!!!

 I got some COOL PHOTOS YALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to the peeps I conversed with - CHECK THEM OUT:)

I can be Gangster

My talented friend Anthony asked me to do some promo shots for the band he's managing. We met in gangster fashion - very quickly and got right to work. The shoot was fun. It was raining but not on our parade. Once the boyz got their hustler looks on - the pictures were poppin! 


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