Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dana Maxx 2009

The host Janelle Snowden wearing Dana Maxx

Model, Jaslene Gozales giving me the hair twirl. 

The designer, Dana Maxx

So, Dana Maxx was the designer. Greenhouse was the place. For clothes and models all over the place. The clothes fit the models with grace. With colors that you can wear in any place! I got into a hissy cat fight with another photog wearing mom jeans. He didn't have a chance after I spoke with him!!! Seriously! After we respectfully talked it out like normal professionals - he was still in mom jeans and I was in pink skinny jeans. So, we know who won!!!!!!

 I got some COOL PHOTOS YALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to the peeps I conversed with - CHECK THEM OUT:)

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