Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidentzz Day Salutin Weekend

Dear 44 US Presidents':
On February 21th 2011, I was granted a Monday off in your honor. This weekend brewed up a dance party saluting good time! For starters, Mother Nature weather teased me with a 60 D Thursday. This wonderful spring tease eventually left me a case of the winter blue ballz cause its 30 again. I successfully lower the standards so low at The Standard Hotel, I won a bottle of champagne! The photo shoots were poppin hard too! We had a smoke break photo shoot. A fur loving chica posing for my lens. A red, white, and blue jean heel wearing hottie. And shots cheering images to toast you, Mr. President. Yes, you!
For condoning this debauchery. For giving me and US Citizens the freedom to play Sunday bingo with a wet t-shirt dance-off and not worry about work in the AM. For the bald eagle and most importantly for the fun time I had with my friends!!

Cling. Clank. Clap. Done.

Peace & Love,

Monday, February 14, 2011


LA was the perfect place to spend my birthday weekend!! Sun. Beach. Bikes. Cheap Mexican food. Kirk. Dickie. The LA weather is seriously amazing. I met some very LA people. Partied LA style but kept my NYC layers in check. I had an LAmazing weekend in the hot hot sun.