Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowhattan 2011

Mother Nature graced New York with snowflakes, snow flurries, and ice sickles that put bikes, cars, schools, and businesses out of commission. According to Mayor Bloomy it has been the most snow since 1925! Here's the cycle of snow through my brown eyes. When your indoors watching snow fall from your window it's pretty and relaxing. The sweet white flurries make you want cuddle up with your special person sip coffee in bed and catch up on your Netflick queue rentals. The next day, the snow turns into slush, mush and is slippery! You're high steppin in your boots and its a balancing act. The snow turns into ice-cold knee deep canals that block the sidewalks. Taking an accidental dunk in this cold water is painful and annoying. A wet sock and shoe cold mess!

So here's snowy advice to you: Layer up. Watch your step. And think about the warm sun on your back because the snow isn't going anywhere at least until the end of March. <3

Enjoy the snowy images.

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