Friday, October 23, 2009

forthebeat CMJ showcase ABC Amplified

Amplified. Energetic. Brooklyn Swagger. All describe what this Forthebeat CMJ event had going on. The lively line up included Sleigh Bells, Pantogram, X-Wife, We Have Band, and Electric Tickle Machine. Your swagger had to be in check because the polaroids were shaking with colorful leggings, bright t-shirts, and fancy glasses. Sipping a mini Colt 45 bottle, I took pictures of my friends and the enthusiastic random boys clapping to the beat. Unfortunately, my computer had a melt down and the next morning I was like Carrie Bradshaw at the Apple store. My photos are now backed up but in the end, I lost over 150 images of the event. Tears.

Below is a link to the mix tape.

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