Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All of the Lights & James Franco

All of the lights that's right! On my Friday night stroll home from the bars in the Nolita part of town. I passed a church all lite up on the inside. My curious self and love for cathedrals open the tall black iron entranced and walked in. A group of men put my intrigue to a halt and told me to journey back tomorrow night for the light show. So I did. And I am glad. Mulberry Street was a festival of lights and the 3-D church spectacular was the trippiest of all!! <3
The last image is of the modern day renaissance man, James Franco. Franco directed and narrated his graduating project called, COLLAGE. For one week sixty students or fans (blond above) were in a room with James for an hour watching him work aka acting stoned. We were giving flip cameras and told to film. So I did. I filmed the play. The people. Myself. Franco even commented on my filming skills. No lie. James, camera 60 - don't forget. <3


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