Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hot Diggy Dog - It's Crawfish Eating Time!!

Crawfish! Yum! As a native New Orleanian, I am a professional crawfish eater. No need to peel the tail layers like an amateur. I pinch the tails with my thumb and bite the meat right out! Then suck the spicy juices located in the head of the crawfish!!! Can we say - PROFESSIONAL!! If you haven't eaten crawfish you are missing out. These red sea creatures are so good, so yummy the perfect seafood to kick start the summer months. The LSU Alum of New York throw an annual crawfish berl and this mama doesn't miss out!! The last image is of a hot dog cause - Hot diggy dog yall - its crawfish eating time!!!

Crawdads and Abita Beers Cheers!!

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